The value of homework (and a high GPA)

by John

As a father challenges there is misplace value on homework

My son can listen to the radio and pick up his saxophone and play whatever he is hearing. […]

But he doesn’t do his homework.

I bought him a book about drawing and he gets up at night and reads it and sneaks around the house sketching things. […] The comics he produces are funny, insightful and engaging. […]

But he doesn’t do his homework.

hacker news user tptacek counters with the indirect benefits of homework fueling a high GPA:

So a high GPA often means that they are not lazy and self centered. It often means a candidate will not sit idle because a task is beneath her, and she will not pigeonhole on a perfecting an ancillary module when there are better things to do.

A student who does not do what is required, who would fritter away on self entertainment via music or finger painting is not someone who can be relied on.

In my experience accomplishments require a good amount of crap work…the homework of the adult employee.